Pictogram Erotic Massage Berlin

Are you looking for relaxation, a break, a new experience, a touch from man to man?
I'm a freelance masseur and offer sensual and erotic massages for men. 
Your personal needs and desires will be gladly considered. Men of all sexual orientations and ages are welcome.

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My apartment is located in the Heart of Berlin - close to Alexanderplatz. You can expect a safe, clean, and private environment. I work by appointment only, However, on some days I can offer same-day appointments at short notice.

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My name is Tom (48yrs,5’11,161lb,PrEP) and I like to meet people and have a good time together. Working as a masseur gives me the opportunity to combine both – and has for many years. I also value Kindness and Tolerance - they make life easier! As a true Berliner, I also enjoy giving visitors tips for a pleasant stay in my hometown (see blog).



A gentle massage will give you time to let go and relax. You lie on your belly and surrender to the touch of my hands. I use unscented almond oil or natural coconut oil for your convenience..

Pictogram Sensual Massage

A foot massage can complement the massage and is very relaxing, especially if you're not used to it.


A massage with mutual body contact allows you to experience physical closeness and touch, including in the genital area.

Pictogram Body to Body

Are you looking for physical closeness, to touch, or to be touched? Many people do not necessarily miss having a partner. But they do long for occasional physical intimacy. Your needs will be gladly taken into account.


A gentle genital massage, leading to an intense climax if desired, with slow delays (edging).

Pictogram Lingamassage

A cock ring can be used to enhance the sensation and is available.


The anus is gently massaged, and then the prostate, the male G-spot, is stimulated with the finger – safely gloved. The stimulation can be intensified to an intense climax.

Pictogram Prostatemassage

Duration and intensity according to your preference and experience. Beginners are gently introduced.


If you want more than a massage, we can discuss that too. I'm open to your intimate preferences - just ask. You are welcome.

Pictogram Sex


The massages can be combined in any way according to your preferences. Your preferences will be gladly considered.
The price for a single session is 60 € - all-inclusive. Card payment is preferred, including NFC, but cash payment is also possible.

Pictogram Massage Service

Are you straight or bi-sexual and would like a sensual massage from a man? You have no experience with a man but would like to try it? I would love to allow you to explore your male fantasies.

I am discreet and open to your preferences - and I never ask about the sexual orientation of my guests. A lot of straight men like to have a massage from a man from time to time or would be interested in trying it out. If it's your first time, I’ll take this into account.

Pictogram Straight


Bookings made 1-2 days in advance are preferred, but sometimes short-notice bookings are possible. Just ask.

Pictogram Booking

If you would like to make an appointment, please feel free to call me, send me a message (email, WhatsApp, Telegram), or use the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting you.

+49 176 76044098





Pictogram Secure Website SSL
Is using your website secure?

My website has an SSL certificate (https://…). Your information (email/appointment form) will only be transmitted encrypted.

Pictogram Appointment
When can I call to make an appointment?

You are welcome to call me at any time.. If I am busy, please leave a message, and I will call you back. The main times for appointments are 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Other times can be arranged.

How short notice can I schedule an appointment?

Bookings made 1-2 days in advance are preferred, but sometimes short-notice bookings are possible. If you are coming to Berlin and have a specific time in mind and want to make sure we meet, please let me know a few days in advance..

Pictogram 45 Minutes
How much time do you take for an appointment? What is the procedure?

A massage session lasts for 45 minutes. I usually start with a back massage, followed by a Lingam or Prostate Massage. Your wishes and preferences are taken into account. And I always have time to chat after the massage.

Pictogram Card Payment
How can I book a hotel visit?

I'm happy to come to your hotel, preferably downtown. Please let me know your travel plans in advance so that I can accommodate your preferred time. Discretion is assured.

Pictogram House-Calls
Is card payment also available?

Card payment is preferred, including NFC, but cash payment is also possible.

Pictogram Straight
I’m straight / bi-curious, bisexual / have no experience with a man.

I am happy to offer you the opportunity to explore your manly fantasies. I am open to your desires. For the sake of discretion, I never inquire about the sexual orientation of my guests. Many heterosexual men enjoy being massaged by a man occasionally or want to try out. If it's your first time, I will take that into consideration.

I’m in a relationship/married. Are you discreet?

Absolutely. I do not record phone numbers and will not call back unless requested. If we happen to meet in another context, I will not address you in any way.

Is visiting you not like cheating on my partner?

As a masseur, I offer the opportunity for a sensual-erotic experience and exploration of your own sexuality - limited in time, planned, and anonymous. Guests in relationships especially appreciate this setting, as it excludes the possibility of an intimate relationship with a private background.

Pictogram Couples
Do you also massage couples?

I also enjoy giving massages to couples. We can discuss the procedure and specific desires beforehand.

Pictogram Sex
Are you clothed during the massage? Can I touch you?

I can be nude during the massage. If you are looking for more than a massage and you have some special preferences, we can talk about that as well. Just ask.

Pictogram Smiley
If the chemistry/expectations don't match. 

It's always good to clarify expectations and desires before the appointment to avoid any misunderstandings. I will do my best, and I want you to be satisfied. But if it happens that I do not meet your expectations, let me know, and we will arrange compensation.

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